Our Favorite Baby Wrap Carrier

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Designs The Moby Wrap Baby Carrier is adjustable and has a number of carrying positions, including one for holding two babies at once. The wrapping techniques are designed to distribute weight evenly across the caregiver’s shoulders and back, making wearing this wrap comfortable for long periods of time. Many users say […]

Our Favorite Convertible Baby Carrier

ERGObaby Carrier Consumer Reports recommends the New Generation ERGO Baby Carrieras the best convertible baby carrier. New Generation ERGO Baby Carrier is a soft carrier that can hold a newborn up to toddler age and is super versatile. Just snap on the New Generation ERGO Baby Carrier in the front for babies and when they […]

Review of Ring Sling Baby Carriers

What Is Your Favorite Baby Sling? photo credit from http://theslingshack.com/ Last Wednesday we linked to articles that show the benefits of baby wearing. Then we discussed some dangers when using baby slings with children under four-months-old. Yesterday we mentioned that some of our favorite baby slings are ones with pouches. Today we review our favorite […]

Review of Pouch Baby Slings

Baby Slings are typically one shouldered carriers. These types of baby slings are great for newborns as well as toddlers. Little babies are most easily carried in a cradle (laying down) position, older children on the hip. This type of baby sling can be used on the back with older children for short periods.The downside […]

Have You Used a Baby Sling While Working?

Caution Using Baby Slings When Baby Wearing Yesterday we asked if nannies would be willing to work for parents that follow the attachment parenting method that would require the caregiver to carry the baby with them while working. There are many benefits of carrying babies which we will discuss over the next few days on […]

Nannies and Baby Wearing

Can a Nanny Easily Work for Parents that Require Baby Wearing? Can a nanny easily work for parents that follow the attachment parenting philosophy if s/he does not agree with the same philosophy? Would you be able to carry a baby most of the day (baby wearing) if that were the wish of the parents? […]