Nannies and Baby Wearing

Can a Nanny Easily Work for Parents that Require Baby Wearing?

Can a nanny easily work for parents that follow the attachment parenting philosophy if s/he does not agree with the same philosophy? Would you be able to carry a baby most of the day (baby wearing) if that were the wish of the parents?

Nanny Maria emailed Be the Best Nanny Newsletter to complain about the fact that she is required to carry the infant in a sling, even when doing mundane household tasks. She explains in theory she agrees with the concept of baby wearing. Clearly babies need to be held. But, she has found her back is hurting and she finds it much more difficult than she had anticipated. She’s even found herself crying wishing she could put the baby down more often.

Click here to see a video clip and read more about the eight principles of attachment parenting.

Click here to reference photo credit and to better understand the benefits of baby wearing.

Could you work for a family that required you to carry the infant in a sling most of the day?


  1. I don't have a problem in theory either. I think in theory it's a great concept. I think to be required to wear the baby several hours a day would be really difficult though. I think the parents would have to adjust their expectations a little like anyone has to when hiring outside help. Nanny Maria should talk to the mother about this since the mother won't want to know she's actually crying. She wants a happy nanny!!

  2. I find that I do most of my babywearing when the baby is fussy and I need to have my hands free to do other things. Or I'm babywearing when a stroller is not convenient. Also, if the sling/wrap/carrier is worn correctly, there is no strain on your back–which has been a lifesaver for my poor back!

  3. I don't think most moms who are into attachment parenting successfully hire nannies. They basically have to get through the first year themselves. I'd work a job that did it, but it would mean i am 100% about child care not any housework I'd think.

  4. I am a huge attachment parenting fan, so I must comment. If the nanny is experiencing back strain, they should try a different carrier. I did the best (and my kids loved) with a Baby Bjorn. There are many kinds of slings, of course, and a Mobi Wrap is another option. An ill-fitting carrier is no good for baby or grown-up!

  5. Gret info Mary. I'd be happy to do so, especially if I could help as much as the article linked to explains!

  6. Recommend using baby carrier not baby sling as article posted mentions in this blog February 24, 2011.

  7. Maria's back shouldn't hurt if baby is positioned properly. Make sure the baby is above your waistline. Look in mirror to adjust properly before adding baby.

  8. I just learned a lot about baby wearing. It really helps to calm down my current charge, 7 months.Most days my back does not hurt, but some longer days wearing the baby does have an effect on me.I don't mind doing it for a hour a day-to help calm baby. I play music and walk around the house, but all day, and while doing many household chores for me, would be too much.Everything in an even balance works best for me and I feel for my charges too.

  9. I just left a family whose mother was asking me to do work like breaking down boxes, while wearing her 1 mo baby in a sling. What an awful woman, with awful expectations.

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