How to Conduct a Behavioral Interview With A Potential Nanny

Dear Be the Best Nanny Newsletter,After reading and responding to your post about an abusive caregiver on Monday I wrote and posted the following.Thanks, Lisa Werth How to Do A Behavioral Interview With A Potential NannyBy Lisa Werth As a long time nanny, I’m aware of sad stories involving the neglect and abuse of children […]

Passover Children’s Books

Tonight is the celebration of Passover. Passover is a major Jewish festival that celebrates the freedom attained by the Hebrew people following their exodus from Egypt where they had been slaves for either 430 years or 210 years, depending on the scholarly conclusions one follows. During the seder tonight children learn the importance of telling […]

Babysitter Still In Jail On Battery Charge

The Best Defense for Parents: How to Safely Hire a Nanny A nanny contacted Be the Best Nanny Newsletter on facebook last week concerned about recent reports of an in-home childcare provider who committed crimes against a child. The babysitter is seen hitting a child on a nanny cam. Here is a link to the […]

Turning Palm Leaves into Palm Crosses

Projects for Kids Today is Palm Sunday. Christians celebrate when Jesus came into the Jerusalem walking over the palms laid down by the people, but one week later died on a cross. Folding palms into crosses is a tradition that has been around for many years. Palms are passed out at most churches on Palm […]

Children’s Books for Palm Sunday

Weekly Trip to the LibraryBy Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami Florida Tomorrow Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem. On Maundy Thursday was the Last Supper and betrayal. On Good Friday was the arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus. Then on Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the grave. You don’t have […]

Bark Rubbings

Besides being fun children will learn to identify and describe patterns in bark that allow identification of different trees by doing bark rubbings. You Will Need:CrayonsPaperA few different types of trees Directions:1. Give the child a sheet of paper.2. Give the child a crayon and have the child peel the paper off the crayon they […]

More Springtime Activities

Simple Seed Sort In this easy activitiy children will examine seeds for similarities and differences. You Will Need: A variety of seeds Large pieces of paper Markers What to Do: Give children a large number of seeds and ask them to separate paper into two sections or draw two circles on a piece of paper. […]

Easy Springtime Science Experiments

In What Direction Do Seeds Grow?   It doesn’t take much to actively engage children in fun springtime learning activities. Here is an easy science experiment to do with the children in their home.     You Will Need:BeansTwo wide-mouth jars or clear containersA piece of blotting paper long enough to line the inside of […]

When boys have nannies, they’re more likely to become womanizers: psychiatrist Dennis Friedman

BY Rosemary Black DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER NYDaily News Could your baby boy turn into a serial womanizer if you hire a nanny? That’s the claim of psychiatrist Dennis Friedman, who says handing off child-rearing prematurely could give your son double standards where women are concerned later in life, according to an article in the […]

Springtime Observations

For Nannies and Au PairsBy Melani Roewe Spring brings wonderful little surprises peeking up at you as you venture out for a walk with children. Little shoots of pale green grasses, pointed spears of crocus and daffodil plants, and the teeniest white, pink, or blue five-petaled flowers of thrift and phlox are getting ready to […]