How to Answer “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

The Most Difficult Interview Question When interviewing for nanny jobs you should be prepared to be asked what is your greatest weakness. When answering this question you should be honest while taking the opportunity to mention skills you have improved upon, how you have turned a bad characteristic into a positive one, or about a minor […]

Do You Know What the Parents Greatest Wishes are for Their Kids?

Parents Strive for Their Kids to be Happy Perhaps the first question any nanny job seeker should ask a parent in a job interview is if they could wish for one thing for their children what would it be? Once nannies know what the parents desire for their children, they can try to make those goals happen […]

12 Tips for a Skype Job Interview

Have You Ever Used Skype for a Job Interview? Nannies, au pairs, and parents don’t have to leave their own homes to have real-time, face-to-face interviews anymore. With modern technology not only are nannies finding more jobs online then ever before, they are also using the Internet to have job interviews with potential employers. Skype […]

Should Nannies and Au Pairs Speak to a Family’s Former Nanny or Au Pair?

Have You Ever Spoken to the Former Nanny or Au Pair that Worked for a Family Before Accepting a Nanny Job? On our list of questionsto ask parents during a nanny interview we recommend asking the parents if you can speak with their former nanny or au pair. But, when I ask my nanny friends if […]

Questions Parents Cannot Legally Ask Nannies in a Job Interview

What’s the Worst Question You Have Ever Been Asked on a Nanny Job Interview? Nannies are supposed to be protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlaws discrimination against workers based on race, color, religion, or national origin. Although parents that hire household staff aren’t legally allowed to base their hiring decisions on […]

What is the Most Important Question to Ask Parents on Job Interviews?

Questions to Ask Parents During Job Interviews The objective of nanny job interviews is to uncover what needs to be known about job applicants and potential employers. Nothing is gained when job seekers and parents answer interview questions based on what they think the other wants to hear. To determine if the family is the right fit […]

Would You be Insulted if Asked These Interview Questions?

For Parents Safety: Questions for Prospective Nannies by Gavin de Becker After the killing of an eight-year old boy in Brooklyn this month, we have been sharing advice by notable security and safety expert Gavin de Becker. Today he tries to help parents screen caregivers before hiring nannies to work in their home. In our […]

Preparing for a Nanny Interview

Landing a Great Nanny Job in a Tough Economy We have been discussing ways to market yourself to get a great nanny job even in a bad economy. If you have marketed yourself well you will be invited to a job interview. When planning to go on a job interview, follow our advice from yesterday […]

How to Conduct a Behavioral Interview With A Potential Nanny

Dear Be the Best Nanny Newsletter,After reading and responding to your post about an abusive caregiver on Monday I wrote and posted the following.Thanks, Lisa Werth How to Do A Behavioral Interview With A Potential NannyBy Lisa Werth As a long time nanny, I’m aware of sad stories involving the neglect and abuse of children […]

Interview Questions to Ask About Discipline

Nannies, Au Pairs & Parents Need to Be On the Same Page When Disciplining Children There may be no topic more important for nanny candidates to ask potential employers than how the parents’ discipline their children. All childcare providers discipline (teach) children each and every day. During the job interview with potential employers is when […]