How to Dress on a Nanny Interview

What Do You Wear on a Nanny Job Interview? Most nannies and agency owners recommend that nanny candidates dress business casual for job interviews. Interviewees should choose clean, well-pressed clothes. In-home job candidates should avoid wearing large jewelry, heavy make-up, clothing that exposes tattoos, and tight or low-cut shirts. Prospective employees should not smell like […]

Would You be Insulted if Asked These Interview Questions?

For Parents Safety: Questions for Prospective Nannies by Gavin de Becker After the killing of an eight-year old boy in Brooklyn this month, we have been sharing advice by notable security and safety expert Gavin de Becker. Today he tries to help parents screen caregivers before hiring nannies to work in their home. In our […]

Preparing for a Nanny Interview

Landing a Great Nanny Job in a Tough Economy We have been discussing ways to market yourself to get a great nanny job even in a bad economy. If you have marketed yourself well you will be invited to a job interview. When planning to go on a job interview, follow our advice from yesterday […]

How Do You Make a Great First Impression?

Landing a Nanny Job in a Tough Economy We have been discussing how to land a great nanny job in a tough economy. Our first suggestions were: 1. Network with anyone who will listen and by all means possible. 2. Create a standout resume. 3. Have stellar job references, getting as many in writing as […]

Challenges of Using Nanny Personality and Risk Assessments

Personality and Risk Assessments Do Not Replace Interviews, Background Checks, and IntuitionBy Yossi Pinkas, TakeCare We have been discussing the benefits of using a nanny personality and risk assessments in helping parents hire in-home childcare providers. But, while administering nanny personality assessments can significantly improve the selection of a nanny by parents, it may also […]

More on Taking Personality Assessments for Nanny Candidates

Benefits of Nanny Personality and Risk Assessments Wow, this blog and our Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Facebook page were alive with comments yesterday. Today, Yossi Pinkas explains more benefits of using personality assessments to help hire a nanny. Tomorrow, he will address some of the challenges of using personality tests when interviewing in-home child […]

Selecting a Nanny or Au Pair – What Are We Missing?

Nanny Personality Assessments Can Help Parents Choose a Better Nanny, Au Pair, or BabysitterBy Yossi Pinkas, TakeCare, Selecting a caregiver for children is a difficult task for parents and the risk of making a wrong choice is frightening. Most articles on the topic of hiring a nanny advise parents to interview the nannies, check […]

Interview Questions to Ask About Discipline

Nannies, Au Pairs & Parents Need to Be On the Same Page When Disciplining Children There may be no topic more important for nanny candidates to ask potential employers than how the parents’ discipline their children. All childcare providers discipline (teach) children each and every day. During the job interview with potential employers is when […]