Starting a New Nanny Job

What You Need to Know When Starting a New Nanny Job Before starting a new nanny position caregivers and parents should sign a work agreement, fill out necessary tax paperwork such as Form W-4, and fill out and submit any applications for benefits being offered to the new employee. Most nanny placement agencies should be […]

How Do You Make a Great First Impression?

Landing a Nanny Job in a Tough Economy We have been discussing how to land a great nanny job in a tough economy. Our first suggestions were: 1. Network with anyone who will listen and by all means possible. 2. Create a standout resume. 3. Have stellar job references, getting as many in writing as […]

Importance of Letters of Reference

Nannies: Do You Have Written References? Don’t minimize the importance of references. You need great references to land great nanny jobs. Written References: Although parents should always speak directly to some of your job references, written references from are essential from people you may not necessarily be able to track down years later. Written references […]

The Standout Nanny Resume

Finding a Nanny Job in a Tough Economy Click here to see our sample resume posted to the left. No matter the method you use to find a nanny job: using a reputable nanny placement agency, a nanny web site, classified advertisements, or word-of-mouth the resume remains the most important way for nanny candidates to […]

Negotiating a New Job

Negotiating Success Part IV By Lora Brawley, Negotiating a New Job Don’t wait to negotiate your salary and benefit package until you are offered a job. The most common mistake nannies make is waiting to negotiate until after they have been offered the job. From the very first contact, you’re planting the seeds that […]