The Standout Nanny Resume

Finding a Nanny Job in a Tough Economy
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No matter the method you use to find a nanny job: using a reputable nanny placement agency, a nanny web site, classified advertisements, or word-of-mouth the resume remains the most important way for nanny candidates to market themselves.


A nanny resume often includes the following information:

Photo of Yourself:
Although not necessary, to stand out among a pile of others, caregivers should include a photo of themselves on their resume. Including a photo playing or posing with children will help parents remember your resume.

Your Name and Contact Information:
Your name should appear at the top of the page in the largest font size on the paper. Include all of your contact information: address, phone number, and email address in a smaller font directly below your name. You may want to include a mobile phone number. The phone number that you list should have a professional voice mail message available for parents and nanny placement agency staff to leave a message. Do not use songs or funny voice mail greetings on the phone parents and nanny agency staff may be calling.

Objective Statement or Summary of Qualifications:
Your objective or summary of qualifications should be concise and clearly stated. These few sentences sum up why a family should hire you as a nanny. If you have experience in child care, mention how many years experience you have. Briefly list your greatest qualities, achievements, or qualifications. For example, “I am a caring, energetic, and organized caregiver with five-years full-time, live-in nanny experience. I would love to work for a family where my strengths and talents working with multiples or newborns (be specific about what your strengths and talents are) can be used to help children develop to their best potential.”

List the name and address of the school, subject studied, degree or certificate earned, and the year you graduated. Include any scholarships or academic recognition you may have been awarded. You should also list if you are CPR and First Aid certified.

Nanny Work Experience:
List the name, address, and phone number of the family you worked for in chronological order. Include the most recent job at the top of the list. Include the dates you worked for the family. Then write a brief description of your duties and responsibilities focusing primarily on child care. State challenging situations you have resolved as a nanny. For example, describing your work with physical or behavioral problems is a noteworthy accomplishment. Choose your words wisely to respect the privacy of your previous employers.

Child Care Work Experience:
All child care experience is impressive. Volunteer child care positions can also be included on a resume.

Non-Related Work Experience:
Typically you do not need to list any previous jobs that do not pertain to child care on a nanny resume. Include the job if it shows that you are organized, dependable, and trustworthy. You may include unrelated jobs if you need to show a timeline of when and where you worked for a period of time, or if you need to use the job as a reference.

Hobbies and Interests:
List hobbies or interests that may increase your chance of being hired as a nanny. For example, it is of no interest to potential employers if you enjoy reading when you are not working. But, if you are a talented musician the parents might appreciate your willingness to give the children piano lessons. A love of swimming is a plus for a nanny. A passion for making jewelry is not relevant.

Click here to see our sample resume.

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  1. Great advice and I totally agree. Most of my nanny friends never used a resume to find a job until the agency I refer them to asked for it. If nothing else a resume is important to keep you organized and a chance to think about all you have done at previous jobs which helps you find a job.

  2. Also, always keep your resume current. Which isn't had to do if you save it on a computer file. I add work experience as it occurs, update education section as you complete training, and periodically have an updated photo of yourself. You never know when a job could end or an opportunity of a life time could present itself. Be ready.

  3. I never add my hobbies or interests but thanks for suggestion. I ought to add swimming to mine as I love to swim and many nannies don't which is a plus in my favor.

  4. Great advice but do we need to get the parent's permission before putting other children's photos on our resumes?

  5. I always use a resume and update it each year. But most of my nanny friends have never used or made a resume to get nanny jobs?!

  6. I never needed a resume

  7. Out standing!Resume Objectives


  1. baby sister says:

    baby sister

    The Standout Nanny Resume –

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