Color Bubble Painting: Bubble Science

Creative Wednesdays What kid doesn’t love bubbles? What child doesn’t love painting and science experiments? My youngest charge absolutley loves doing this color bubble painting project. There are two ways to make bubble painting. It’s very important that the child is old enough to be able to blow out of the straws and not suck […]

Chewlery: To Reduce Fidgeting, Biting of Fingernails, Sucking of Thumbs, and Much More

Products Nannies Love It can become frustrating when you care for a child that constantly chews on pencils, bites their nails or objects, sucks their thumb, needs a pacifier, or sucks on clothing or hair. If you are feeling exasperated, like nothing works to stop the chewing or sucking we highly recommend trying some Chewlery. […]

Brownie Bowl Sundaes

Cooking With Kids Who doesn’t love brownies or sundaes? Better yet, who doesn’t love brownie sundaes? We were told by a friend to make brownie bowls to hold our brownie sundaes. Simply make brownie mix as usual but put in cupcake or muffin tins instead and place another muffin on top of the brownies while cooking to create […]

Handprint Cupcake Card

Creative Wednesdays All kids like making, giving, and receiving Birthday Cards. For those that cannot write yet making a card from their handprint makes a great gift. It is a easy, thoughtful, and personal gift from your charge. What You Need: Heavyweight or Cardstock Paper Paint Paper Plate Paint Brush Markers Glue Stick Ribbon (optional) […]