Playwise by Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. Weston

Weekly Trip to the Library Playwiseby Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. Weston is the book I refer to most as a nanny. I use this book so much that the cover is worn, much of  text is highlighted, and many of the corners of the pages are folded and torn. The reason I love the book so much is that […]

How Nannies Can Find Support

The Internet, Local Nanny Groups, and Nanny ConferencesBy Sue Downey, Nanny and Co-Founder of Nannypalooza Other than dirty dishes in the sink on Monday mornings and late parents on a Friday night, one of the biggest problems that nannies face is the isolation. Nannies do not have coworkers. There is no water cooler and no […]

Seven Ways for a Nanny to Keep Happy and Healthy

A Happy Nanny Means Happy ChildrenBy Lynn Wariara, Author of How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nanny There are a lot of nanny job descriptions that require nannies to be “positive, fun, and energetic.” My concern is how do nannies keep themselves healthy and in-balance despite all the demands of working with children […]

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

How Early Do You Get Up to Go to Work? Yesterday we asked live-in nannies and au pairs if they have a curfew on week nights? We also asked on our Facebook page what time nannies and au pairs get to work. Today, we are asking you to answer if you feel like you are getting enough […]

Should Live-In Nannies Have Curfews?

Do You Have a Curfew? Live-in household employees should never stay out too late on week nights. Responsible nannies arrive home at a reasonable hour. When nannies stay out until one or two o’clock in the morning, parents worry about the quality of care provided for their children. Without proper rest child care providers tend […]

Should Parents Run Credit Checks on Nanny Candidates?

Should a Nanny’s Credit Card Debt or a Few Late Payments Matter During the Interview Process? Many nannies have contacted Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking why some parents ask to run credit checks before hiring a nanny. Some nanny placement agencies ask for credit checks simply as a way to find former addresses and jobs the […]

Are You CPR/First Aid Certified?

Should Parents Pay for Their Nanny or Au Pair CPR/First Aid Certification? All in-home childcare providers should be CPR/First Aid certified. The American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED program is a comprehensive training program designed to help caregivers recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing, and first aid emergencies. Nannies and au pairs can find a […]

Pet-Sitting Contract for Nannies and Au Pairs

Does the Family You Work for Have a Dog? Pet-sitting can be a pet-peeve (no pun intended) for some nannies and au pairs. For example, Katie, a nanny working in Atlanta, GA told Be the Best Nanny Newsletter,  “I don’t like pets. I just don’t accept nanny jobs at homes that own any large pets.” […]

Benefits of Being Paid On-The-Books

Although it is estimated that 80% to 90% of household employers are not tax compliant we highly recommend paying nannies legally. Yesterday, we listed the risks for parents that don’t pay their nannies legally. Today, we are listing the benefits for household employees to be tax compliant. Click here for our review of the best tax software […]

What Excuses Have Parents Given You for Not Wanting to Pay Taxes?

Knowing the Risks of Tax Evasion, Why is Nannygate Still an Epidemic in America? It is estimated that 80% to 90% of household employers don’t pay taxes on their household employees. Nannygate is the popular term coined to describe these household employers who don’t pay taxes. Nannygate is an epidemic in America. There are many benefits […]