This Year Give the Gift of Play-Doh

Quality Holiday Gift Giving for Nannies and Au Pairs By Lynn Wariara, Nanny and Author The toy industry is fickle and the hottest toy this holiday season won’t be played with just weeks after a child receives the gift. But, through all the fads and trends, Play-Doh remains just as popular as ever. We have been […]

"The Little Engine That Could" is a Great Holiday Gift

Weekly Trip to the Library Review by Lynn Wariara The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper is a classic story of a determined little engine that could achieve his mission by delivering toys and candies to children waiting on the other side of the mountain despite the challenges he had to go through to […]

Nanny Etiquette by Lynn Wariara

Weekly Trip to the Library  Lynn Wariara, author of the new book NANNY ETIQUETTE kindly shared a sample of her book with me to review. The book is merely six chapters and under 20-pages in length. It has quite a few grammatical errors. But, if you can disregard the typos there is some good advice, it’s a quick […]

Seven Ways for a Nanny to Keep Happy and Healthy

A Happy Nanny Means Happy ChildrenBy Lynn Wariara, Author of How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nanny There are a lot of nanny job descriptions that require nannies to be “positive, fun, and energetic.” My concern is how do nannies keep themselves healthy and in-balance despite all the demands of working with children […]

How Many Hugs Do You Give Your Charges Each Day?

photo from Are You Practicing Love?By Lynn Wariara, Author of How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nanny As we share love in this special month, (Valentine’s Day was yesterday), it’s very important, as parents and caregivers to give love to the little one’s that surround us. Love is a medicine like no other; […]

Are You (the Nanny or Au Pair) Ready for Potty Training?

Yesterday, Lynn Wariara started the discussion of potty training. She noted ways to determine if a child is ready to start potty training. Today she discusses how to know if you (the caregiver) are ready to start potty training the child. Ms. Wariara explains that successful potty training is not entirely up to the child […]