Are You (the Nanny or Au Pair) Ready for Potty Training?

Yesterday, Lynn Wariara started the discussion of potty training. She noted ways to determine if a child is ready to start potty training.

Today she discusses how to know if you (the caregiver) are ready to start potty training the child.

Ms. Wariara explains that successful potty training is not entirely up to the child but up to their caregivers as well. Parents will typically tell nannies and au pairs when and how to proceed with potty training. A nanny or au pair is ready to start potty training when they are willing to be consistent with the parents’ style of potty training and to remain calm and patient during the training process.

Nannies and au pairs are must communicate with parents when they think it is the right time to start potty training and how often how to proceed with potty training too. It takes cool, calm, and collected caregivers to help a child learn to use the potty.

Don’t feel pressured by potty training methods that promise, “three days of complete potty training,” or “potty training in one week.” To be honest, it’s never that easy. These sort of marketing promises put a lot of pressure on the caregiver and child and when not fulfilled, most childcare providers find themselves less motivated and more frustrated when the child is not potty trained as promised.

It is good to rely on one method, but you must go at the child’s pace. It will make things easier for both you and the child.

Potty training takes team effort and consistency. Whichever method of potty training the parents prefer you and the parents must be consistent.

Have you helped parents potty train their children?


  1. i worked for a family in which the mother just removed diapers once the daughter turned 2-1/2 i n the spring. that was it — done. i had to bring garbage bags, wipes and change of clothes with me everywhere. i regret complaining about it a lot to other people. i occasionally raised my voice with her and i regret it. a few times i put her in diapers without telling mom like when we went to a movie and an indoor amusement park. i just couldn't have her pee on seats or rides. by end of summer she was essentially toilet trained.

  2. Ahhh..Yes! This is one of my greatest accomplishments as a nanny-and the one the parents apprecaite someone else taking over the most!The key for the children I have helped has been to get them at the right time and be matter of fact about it. I don't offer treats or stickers- as I don't feel that is practical. Going in the potty is better, because if you don't than your pants are wet and sticky- and that does not feel good.I also don't ask the children all day if they need to go. I ask them once- do you need to go? If they say yes, then I help. If they say, NO, than I remind them, OK- only you can know if you need to go. But when you feel you need to go- what are you going to do?There are lots of accidents- but I stay clam and tell them- It's OK-everyone has accidents when they are learning. I am sure you will do better next time.When they do go potty I praise ALOT- and go around to all their toys and tell them- HEY- Thomas the Train—- went potty like a big boy- and we go and tell his other toys… or call the parents/grandparents.~Andrea, Nanny/Northern, NJ

  3. I have felt that the parents were the ones not being consistent, not me actually. But we are not the ones to talk to the parents about what they need to do.

  4. Of course I have helped potty train children as a nanny. But I don't know if we really have a choice in the matter if we are ready to potty train or not, it's up to the parents and more importantly up to the child when to start. I would not want to work with a family that thinks they can just remove the diaper and let the child run around naked to learn to use a potty (I have heard of this method before).Francine Hilton Head

  5. Great point about the fact that potty training is never as easy as you think. Time, patience and a washer and dryer are the best assets when it comes to potty training!

  6. Bad manners to leave toilet seat up. Plus must close lids before flushing or you spread germs. Such a pet peeve of mine. Gross!

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