Seashore Souvenir Photo Frame

Creative Project Wednesday No day at the beach is complete before taking a walk at low tide to gather shells, sea glass, drift wood, and smooth pebbles with the kids. After arriving home from a day at the shore, help the kids create a photo frame of the treasures they gathered seaside. We simply cut […]

“World’s Best Nanny” Gifts

Best Gifts for Nannies with “World’s Best Nanny” If you need to buy a gift for your favorite nanny you don’t have to break the bank. Simply giving her a gift with the message “World’s Best Nanny” will endear any hard-working nanny. Click any of the links below to easily purchase a gift for your […]

5 Best Beach Book for Preschoolers

Weekly Trip to the Library Before taking the kids to the beach this summer read them age-appropriate children’s books to learn about the shore. Here are my little preschooler’s favorite beach books to learn about the shore. You can purchase our 5 top picks by clicking the links below or be sure to borrow them from […]

Easy Mac and Cheese

Cooking for Kids There is nothing my charges like better than this easy stove top macaroni and cheese. It’s just as easy as making a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese but so much tastier (and I assume healthier because I buy, see, and add all the ingredients). We used penne pasta but you can […]

Making Rainbows: Rainbow Sun Catcher

Science Fun: Wednesday Projects A long time ago, people referred to rainbows as magical bridges across the sky full of colors. Children and adults still find them quite magical today as well. Explain to the kids in your care that when the sun’s rays shine upon the raindrops they are refracted or “scattered” into the colors […]

It Doesn’t Take Anything Extra Special to Care for Kids with Special Needs

The Bigger the Risk, The Bigger the Reward It doesn’t take extra special skills to care for kids with special needs. It just takes a little common sense, patience, and caring — characteristics most nannies already have. I babysit for a severely autisic girl some weekends and the mother says it has been impossible to […]

Chicken Marsala

Cooking With Kids When making dinner for kids most nannies wouldn’t consider using mushrooms. But since my charges have been served the same recipes as their parents since they started eating at the same dining table, they actually love some mushroom dishes. If you care for a child that doesn’t like mushrooms they still will love this grown-up […]

The Kids Have Eyes and Ears so Keep Your Social Life Private When Working

Nanny Confessions Most homes I have worked in as a nanny are relaxed and social. I have always been allowed to invite other nanny friends over for playdates. I also consider the parents that hired me as professional friends. As I develop friendships with my employers and other caregivers it’s often hard to not discuss […]

Do the Kids You Care for Get Enough Sleep?

A Preschooler’s Nap an Important Tool for Learning I have heard complaints from several nannies this week complaining that their preschool -aged charges don’t get enough sleep and the sleep-deprived kids are moody and aren’t enjoying camp, swim lessons, and otherwise fun summertime activities. I myself am cranky and forgetful when I don’t get my […]

How Kids Bully Their Nannies and Parents

“Permission to Parent: How to Raise Your Child with Love and Limits” I just read a great article that explained that it used to be that kids were scared of their parents. Now parents seem scared of their kids. That’s how I sometimes feel when it comes to disciplining the kids left in my care […]