The Kids Have Eyes and Ears so Keep Your Social Life Private When Working

Nanny Confessions

Most homes I have worked in as a nanny are relaxed and social. I have always been allowed to invite other nanny friends over for playdates. I also consider the parents that hired me as professional friends. As I develop friendships with my employers and other caregivers it’s often hard to not discuss my personal life with them. But, even though my employers are nice people and I work in a relaxed atmosphere my nanny confession this week is to always remember to keep my personal life out of my professional life.

It’s hard to remember sometimes, but my employers really don’t want to hear the nitty-gritty details of my dating life or the nasty gossip between local nannies. The harsh reality is, they hired me to do a job, not gossip. So, althougth the parents are always kind and ask me, “How was your weekend?” They really don’t want a play-by-play lowdown of what I did.

Another really important thing to remember is that during playdates, even when the parents aren’t home, the kids are always listening. By the time the kids are in preschool, they are also telling their parents everything they hear. So when confiding in a friend, if I’m around the kids, the adult conversation should be age-appropriate for the little-ones that have been left in my charge.

So I confess, even though it’s hard not to tell my friends everything about my life sometimes, there is a time and place for some conversations. Most private conversations should be had when I’m not at work.


  1. I so agree with you. I too have a professional friendship with my employers and we can talk about all kinds of things – and they certainly have no barriers telling me things, but I always try to keep part of my own personal life a bit separate.

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