What About Health Care Reform for Our Veterans on this Memorial Day?

By Polly Psi Many people comment about the planned health care changes that the system, as proposed, shares many similarities with socialist systems that provide universal health care. These commenters, many opposed to the proposed changes on ideological grounds, usually neglect to mention that the Veterans Administration (VA) and the care it provides is clearly […]

High Quality Child Care Does Matter

Interview with Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making About High Quality Child CareWhile I was feeling sorry for myself for not being able to afford to attend the International Nanny Association Conference in San Francisco this year, I lucked-out and was spontaneously invited to attend a book signing with Ellen Galinsky the author […]

Memorial Day Children’s Books

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs Memorial Day Surprise By Theresa Golding, Alexandra Artigas (Illustrator) A mother tells her son that there is a “big surprise” at the Memorial Day Celebration. As the boy watches the parade, he asks if each part of the parade is the “surprise” – from the […]

Health Care Reform Timeline 2011

Preventive and Wellness Measures to Provide in 2011 – Eliminate copays for preventive services for Medicare beneficiaries. – Provide grants to small businesses to establish wellness programs. – Develop a national strategy to improve health care and preventive services. – Provide personalized risk assessments for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. – Provide incentives for behavior modification […]

More Health Care Reform Timeline

Reform to Happen in 2010 Long-Term Care: Initiate a process of establishing a voluntary insurance program that will expand and lower costs of community-based housing and living assistance for the elderly and disabled. Medical Malpractice: Initiate a five-year demonstration program to allow states to develop alternatives to current tort litigation methods. Health Care Personnel: Establish […]

Health Reform Timeline 2010

Medicare and Prescription Drugs Medicare This Year:— Provides $250 rebate for those who reach the ‘donut hole.’— Ban new physician-owned hospitals in Medicare.— Expand Medicare coverage to individuals who have been exposed to environmental health hazards.–Coordinate coverage for dual-eligibles.— Justify productivity and efficacy of Medicare providers. Medicaid This Year:— Cover childless adults and family planning […]

"I’m Jealous Of My Nanny:" A Mom’s Honest Confession

Check out this link to parenting.com with a quote from fellow nanny Michelle LaRowe.

Health Reform Timeline

In 2010 Expect Insurance Reforms If it seems not much has happened since the health reform law here are some health insurance reforms to be implemented this year: Require insurance plans to allocate at least 85% of premiums for benefits for large groups, 80% for small groups. Rebates start January 1, 2011. Review all premium […]

Nanny Asks About Heath Care Reform

Heath Care Reform for Young Adults After posting information about health care reform last week, several nannies emailed us with questions. Below is one question from a 23-year-old nanny named Sara. Question: I am 23-years-old and working at my first live-in nanny job. The family I work for does not offer health insurance benefits. I […]

BPA Dangers on 60 Minutes

Phthalates: Are They Safe? I am watching 60 Minutes right now and Lesley Stahl is discussing phalates and the dangers of BPA — the chemicals found in soft plastic products that we use everyday. They are so common, that traces of them can be found in everybody. We discussed BPA found in baby bottles in […]