Health Care Reform Timeline 2011

Preventive and Wellness Measures to Provide in 2011

– Eliminate copays for preventive services for Medicare beneficiaries.

– Provide grants to small businesses to establish wellness programs.

– Develop a national strategy to improve health care and preventive services.

– Provide personalized risk assessments for Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

– Provide incentives for behavior modification programs.

– Require chain restaurants to disclose nutritional information of menu items.

– Vending machines will also have to display nutritional information.

– Establish new trauma centers to improve emergency room care.

– Coordinate and intergrate services for uninsured and underinsured low-income nad high risk health care recipients.

– Increase training and support for primary care health care physicians.

– Increase access to training nurses and others engaged in primary care.

– Provide a 10% Medicae bonus payment for primary care physicians and general surgeons.


  1. I see there aren't a lot of responses but I just want to thank you for the research in this series of posts and making it easy to read and understand. No other nannies discuss this with me when I've brought it up. It is a confusing topic but this series is helpful.

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