How to Deal with a Child That Lies

How to Get Nothing But the Truth from Children Does a child you care for stretch the truth, avoides the truth, or out-and-put lies to you? Cynthia Whitham, author of The Answer Is NO: Saying It and Sticking to It. Saying and sticking to it explains that are some things in life that are not […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: Are You Required to Travel with Your Employers?

Before Traveling with the Family One perk of being a nanny or au pair can be traveling with your employers’ family. Traveling while working can be an opportunity to see new place you might not be able to visit otherwise. But, while the family is on vacation you are being paid to work. While the […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: Saying "No" to Your Boss

Do You Find it Hard Saying “No” to Your Boss? Over the years many nannies and au pairs have complained about some of their job duties to me, yet they don’t simply say “No” to their employers when asked to do something they don’t want to do. Instead of griping to their friends, it would […]

Memorial Day Activities to Do With Kids

What Are You Doing for Memorial Day? Memorial Day can be a somber time when we honor those we have lost. If you are spending the day with children consider their age before discussing the true sentiment of Memorial Day. Younger children might be frightened if they’re told too much too soon about war and […]

10 Ways to Find the Perfect Nanny Agency

Agency Contact Checklist Nannies looking for jobs want to work with nanny placement agencies that listen to their job requirements and are honest about whether they have any families that meet the nanny candidate’s specific job criteria. Rather than blindly signing up and completing every agency application, in-home child care providers should interview agencies first. […]

The Power of Play Dough

Homemade Play Dough Young children love to play with play dough, and play dough play is a great way to support their learning. It benefits children socially, creatively, and physically while building language and literacy, science, and math skills — all at the same time! Homemade or out of the can, this preschool staple can […]

What is the Most Important Question to Ask Parents on Job Interviews?

Questions to Ask Parents During Job Interviews The objective of nanny job interviews is to uncover what needs to be known about job applicants and potential employers. Nothing is gained when job seekers and parents answer interview questions based on what they think the other wants to hear. To determine if the family is the right fit […]

What Does Being Flexible at Your Nanny Job Really Mean?

How Are You Flexible In Your Nanny Job? One common reason parents say they choose to hire nannies rather than using other childcare options is because nannies can be more flexible. When you read the help wanted ads and articles of characteristics nannies should have they all recommend someone that is flexible. But, being flexible can mean something […]

Six Baby Products Nannies Can’t Live Without

Some of the baby products I cannot live without are diapers, baby wipes, baby bottles, teethers, bouncer, and muslin burp cloths. Here are my favorite: 1. Diapers I like senstive disposible diapers, especially  Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers. But many parents and nannies prefer cloth diapers. I love GroVia Cloth Diapers. 2. Wet Wipes Not only […]

Every Nanny Should Have a Copy of “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak

Weekly Trip to the Library Review by Elizabeth Kennedy, Guide Maurice Sendak, who passed away this week, was beloved by parents and children around the world who loved his children’s books. If you don’t already own a copy of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, now is the time to get your […]