Does Punishing a Child that Lies Make them Lie More?

Nanny Confessions I confess, it drives me nuts when my Nanny Kid’s lie (or an adult does for that matter). It’s easier to fix a problem if people of all ages are just honest. I think it’s pretty normal for many kids to exaggerate or stretch the truth for attention or to help them feel […]

Lance, Lies, and Lessons

How You Participate is Important in Sports and in Life Reactions to Lance Armstrong’s expected admission that he used illegal chemicals to enhance his racing performance has ranged from indignant outrage to hesitant acknowledgment of Armstrong’s charitable endeavors. Beyond the scandal and the legal implications for Armstrong, there may be lessons for all of us.Adults, including […]

Do You Care for a Child That Lies?

How To Get Nothing But the Truth From The Answer is NO by Cynthia Whitham Lying starts simply enough. Children learn at an early age don’t easily differentiate fantasy from reality. Their truth and their wishes are all entangled. It is common for a little child to describe something she yearns for as something she […]

How to Deal with a Child That Lies

How to Get Nothing But the Truth from Children Does a child you care for stretch the truth, avoides the truth, or out-and-put lies to you? Cynthia Whitham, author of The Answer Is NO: Saying It and Sticking to It. Saying and sticking to it explains that are some things in life that are not […]