Fabric Hot Loop Bracelets, Headbands and Pot Holders

Creative Wednesdays One of the easiest bracelets for kids to make only requires fabric loops and fingers — no special tools. Once kids feel confident weaving bracelets and headbands on their fingers they can move to a weaving loom to make pot holders and more. Here’s what to do: Will Need: Fabric Loops Loom and […]

The Nanny Time Bomb by Jacalyn S. Burke

Weekly Trip to the Library I am ashamed to admit I was hesitant to read The Nanny Time Bomb: Navigating the Crisis in Child Care simply because I thought the title sounded aggressive and negative. I regret having waited so long. Author Jacalyn S. Burke is a terrific writer who understands the nanny industry in America […]

When the Workplace is a Home

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents Nannies are in a unique position because their workplace is their employer’s home. This often creates a difficult balancing act for both nannies and families. Both parties must keep in mind that while families like to relax when at home, nannies are working in the home. Nannies shouldn’t […]