Fabric Hot Loop Bracelets, Headbands and Pot Holders

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One of the easiest bracelets for kids to make only requires fabric loops and fingers — no special tools. Once kids feel confident weaving bracelets and headbands on their fingers they can move to a weaving loom to make pot holders and more. Here’s what to do:

Will Need:

Fabric Loops
Loom and Hook

To Make Bracelets and Headbands:hot loops directions best nanny newsletter

1. Place a fabric loop around four fingers (not the thumb) twisting the loop between each finger.
2. Place a second fabric loop over the fingers in the same way.
3. Lift the bottom band on the finger up and over the top loop and off the finger. Repeat with each finger.
4. Repeat the process all over again by placing a new fabric loop over the one loop on fingers, twisting once in center between each finger. Then, lift the bottom loop over the top loop and repeat until as long as desired.
5. Once the chain is formed in the palm of hand until it is long enough to make a bracelet or headband, remove the loops from fingers. Weave ends of first loop thorough the last loop and then the other fingers to join the chain into a circle. Know the ends together to secure.

To Make Pot Holders:fabric loop bracelet best nanny newsletter

1. Stretch loops across the loom in one direction, completely filling the loom and stitching loops to pegs on side.
2. Weave the metal hook over and under the loops in the other direction, one at a time. Attach a loop to the ends of the hook and pull it through. Fasten ends of loop to pegs on both sides. Continue until all the pegs are filled.
3. To finish the pot holder, remove one of the corner loops from its peg. Remove the next loop and thread it through the first loop. Continue interlacing loops all the way around the potholder. Use the final (corner) loop to hang up the potholder.

You can purchase the supplies to make these projects by clicking the links below:

Wool Novelty Hot Loops Box, 4.3-Ounce

ALEX Toys Crafts Loop N Loom Refill Loops

Harrisville Designs 7″ Potholder (Traditional Size) Deluxe Loom Kit, Makes 6 Potholders

Harrisville Designs 7″ Potholder (Traditional Size) Loom Kit, Makes 2 Potholders

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