Review of America’s Supernanny

Did You Watch America’s Supernanny? Unlike many nannies on Facebook nanny groups and Yahoo nanny groups who said they would not watch America’s Supernanny because the new host Deborah Tillman is a daycare owner and mother, rather than having experience as working as a nanny, I watched the show. In this first episode of America’s Supernanny […]

America’s Supernanny PremiersTonight

Will You Be Watching America’s Supernanny? America’s Supernanny premiers tonight on Lifetime at 9pm, pm Central. There has been venom on private nanny groups on Facebook and nanny Yahoo Groups about the fact that Deborah Tillman, who has been casted as “America’s Supernanny” has no nanny experience. In fact, original “Supernanny” Jo Frost has publicly shared […]

3 Basic Skills to Teach Kids About Money

Money Management Requires Basic Good Habits, Willpower, and Discipline In the children’s book, Not Your Parents’ Money Book: Making, Saving, and Spending Your Own Money author Jean Chatzky explains money management to children. One of the most basic lessons in the book is that in order to be a financial success — in order to be […]

Toys and Games to Teach Kids About Money

Product Review Sunday During the holidays we spend a lot of money to share gifts with others, making this the perfect time to teach kids about money. Yesterday, we highly recommended sharing the children’s book, Not Your Parent’s Money Book by Jean Chatzky with your charges to help teach them about money management. Below are some super games and toys […]

Teaching Kids (and yourself) About Money

Not Your Parents’ Money Book by Jean Chatzky   Now that it is holiday season it’s the perfect time to teach kids about giving and money management. Most books about teaching kids about money are written for adults. But, Jean Chatzky wrote Not Your Parents’ Money Book: Making, Saving, and Spending Your Own Moneyfor children. […]

Are You Shopping for Black Friday Deals?

What Do You Think About Black Friday Shopping? I wouldn’t go shopping on Black Friday if you paid me. If I can get a deal, I’ll be there.  I’ll go shopping on Black Friday, but don’t shop on Thanksgiving Day. Toys ‘R Us probably opened the earliest this year at 9 pm Thanksgiving Day with items up to […]

Why an Au Pair Loves the American Thanksgiving

What Are You Grateful for This Thanksgiving?By Nanami Three-years ago I came to America from Japan to work as an au pair for a family with two girls in Morristown, NJ. It was a difficult adjustment. Not only was there a language barrier, but I owned just a few non-Western clothes and I was not […]

The Spirit of Thanksgiving for Nannies

More stuff does not guarantee happiness, serenity, or satisfaction. Thanksgiving is an opportune time for reflection about the nature of thanks and appreciation, wants, and needs, desires versus necessities. As nannies, we do not own a home the size of our boss’ or posses the goods our employers have in abundance. Our charges often have bigger bedrooms and […]

I Am Thankful Book

Teaching Kids to be Thankful Make a Thanksgiving keepsake for the child that truly embodies the spirit of thankfulness. You can purchase a small scrapbook or use paper from home to make this a really simple project. What You Will Need: • A holiday picture• Crayons• Several sheets of paper• Stapler The easiest way to make […]

3 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Thanksgiving

Nannies and Au Pairs Should Help Keep Things Calm During the Holidays The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, especially children. Busy parents, a hectic and disjointed schedule, and time off from structured school activities all add up to an unhappy child. What can you do to help? As the nanny or au […]