Are You Shopping for Black Friday Deals?

What Do You Think About Black Friday Shopping?

  • I wouldn’t go shopping on Black Friday if you paid me.
  • If I can get a deal, I’ll be there. 
  • I’ll go shopping on Black Friday, but don’t shop on Thanksgiving Day.

Toys ‘R Us probably opened the earliest this year at 9 pm Thanksgiving Day with items up to 50 percent off.

Macy’s opened at midnight for the first time in the store’s history with discounts between 20 and 50 percent off.

Walmart opened at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and is offering a number of deals for Black Friday shoppers including video games and big screen TVs.

Old Navy gave the first Black Friday shoppers who spend more than $40 free Kodak digital cameras (worth $100) when it opened at midnight.

The Gap is offering 60 percent off selected items.

From 6 m to noon, Staples is offering a Targus Leather iPad Cover for $9.99 (normally $50) and an HP Photosmart Plus wireless printer for $49.90 (from $149.99).

Amazon is offering smartphones for reduced online price of just one penny until November 28.

Despite a petition with thousands of employee signatures protesing the hours, Target opened at midnight. Target has many one day deals.


  1. No way am I going shopping today! I don't even know what I'm giving for gifts yet. I have to have a list so I don't over buy stuff on sale.I prefer buying online.

  2. I will be trying to shop online only this year.

  3. I think this takes away from the meaning of the season. So I really don't want to be part of it.Really running out to the store at midnight or 4 a.m.? guess I am too old for that now.I guess some people find it exciting- and need to save money.I did stand in line for an hour once to say $50 on a camera- but since there is nothing I need- it' not worth it to me.I've cut way back on my holiday gift giving…so no sense in having to deal with all the madness.

  4. I agree with other comments given. Chirstmas is about religion not gifts and I can't afford a lot. I just give one present per family member and one for each charge. That's it. Can't stand on lines, just going to shop during week when less crowded.

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