Can Bed-Sharing With an Infant Be Done Safely?

Should a Nanny Speak Up About Concerns of Parents Sharing Their Bed with Baby? An anonymous nanny contacted Be the Best Nanny Newsletter yesterday asking what she can do about parents that don’t have their baby sleep in her crib but have their baby sleep with their baby in their bed. She’s not only frustrated that the baby […]

Rolling With the Punches as a Nanny

Learning to Work in Someone Else’s HomeBy Marni Kent, Career Nanny Having been a nanny for more than two decades I have gained some of my greatest knowledge working at the jobs that literally drove-me-crazy! I have learned that if I can do what my employers want, remembering who is boss, and staying one-step-ahead of […]

Nannies, What Products Can You Not Live Without?

Nannies Love Boppy Pillows Susan Brown, a young Colorado mother, was asked by her daughter’s day care center to bring in a pillow to prop up infants who couldn’t yet sit on their own. In one night, she designed a C-shaped rounded pillow ideally suited to this task. Today, Susan’s ingenious design still holds true […]

Book Reviews By Kids, For Kids

The Knight at Dawn: The Magic Treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne Review by Allison, 8-Years-Old The Knight at Dawn is the second book in a series of Magic Treehouse books. In this story, brother and sister, Jack and Annie use a book and the magic treehouse to travel to a medieval castle. When they go […]

Redefining Mannies: Shaun Sturz of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

One Part Caretaker, One Part Secret Service “Being a nanny enables us to chase our dreams while having a fulfilling job.” I was fortunate to interview Shaun Sturz, a nanny and a cast mate of the new reality series Beverly Hills Nannies (ABC Family Wednesday 9pm/8c). Here’s what I learned about the reality television star who […]

What You Can Learn from Lucy’s Nanny-Mama-Drama

You Are Not the Parent’s Friend Last night on Beverly Hills Nannies we saw a nanny Lucy start a new job with Tricia Fisher. Lucy has a lot of positive energy and is great with kids, when she actually attends to them. But last night we saw her spending the majority of her energy trying […]

Thank You, Mary Poppins

Five Societal Misconceptions About NanniesBy Samantha Gray I’ll never forget the first time I watched Mary Poppinsas a little girl. Never in my life had I seen a beautiful, dancing, singing, flying, entertaining nanny. I knew all my friends had babysitters and nannies, but none ever seemed to be quite like this. I was certain […]

Painting With Colored Ice

colored ice finger paint Colors and Creativity Flow With Exciting New Art MaterialsBy Scholastic Children use fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and creative expression as they paint with colorful ice cubes. Invite children to help you make frozen paint-brushes. Fill two to four ice-cube trays with warm water. Using different colors, add a teaspoon of powdered tempera […]

10 Challenges for the Nanny of Work From Home Parents

Do You Work for Work From Home Parents? By enannysource When a household includes both an in-home business and in-home childcare, the situations which the nanny deals with may have some unique challenges. Discussing the various issues and keeping the communication open between employer and nanny is important in working through these situations. 1. Noise […]

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Bag and Backpack Diaper Bag

Product Review Sunday I prefer using backpacks to slings or one shoulder bags because backpacks have two straps to help distribute the weight of the contents evenly on both of my shoulders instead of putting all the weight on one shoulder when using totes or messenger bags. Doctors recommend not carrying a back pack more than […]