Book Reviews By Kids, For Kids

The Knight at Dawn: The Magic Treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne

Review by Allison, 8-Years-Old

The Knight at Dawn is the second book in a series of Magic Treehouse books. In this story, brother and sister, Jack and Annie use a book and the magic treehouse to travel to a medieval castle. When they go in the castle Jack and Annie have a lot of mysteries to solve and they get into a lot of trouble.

When they first enter the castle Jack and Annie are in a great hall where there is a feast they are not invited to. A knight sees them and chases them to a room full of armor. Three guards corner them in the dungeon, until Annie pretends her flashlight is a magic wand and scares them.

They escape the dungeon through a trapdoor into the moat filled with crocodiles. But a knight on a horse comes and saves them.

When they get back home, Jack notices the letter “M” on the bookmark, and figures out that the same person who dropped the coin in the first adventure also owns the books and is responsible for the magic in the tree house.

I like “The Knight At Dawn” becasue it is set in medieval times and the characters are frightened by what they see. I also like the characters in this story. I like Annie more than Jack because she is braver.

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