Want to Help You Nanny Kids Read Better?

Teaching Phonics Phonics gives us the tools to sound out and learn thousands of words without depending upon memorization. Phonics is simply the relationship between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. Use phonics to teach children the most common sound-spelling relationships so that they can decode, or sound out, words. This […]

7 Ways to Encourage Kids to Pitch-In

Don’t Call it Chores All parents want their kids to learn to be more responsible, helpful, hardworking, and persistent by doing chores. But, when parents hire nannies and housekeepers to care for their home, the responsiblity to ensure kids learn to be helpful and responsible lies primarily on the nannies. Kids of any age can […]

Kaboost Portable Chair Booster

Products Nannies Love Children want to be just like a big kid. They reach a point where they no longer want to sit in a high chair or booster seat for “babies” anymore. In fact, many children would rather sit on their knees to eat rather than use a booster seat. With Kaboost , a […]

Compound Caterpillars

Creative Wednesdays It is fun making Compound Caterpillars with the kids. Explain that a compound word is two separate words that are combined to make one word. Take turns naming compound words. Write the words on a chart. Then create Compound Caterpillars as we did below. You Will Need: Construction Paper Markers Circle to Trace […]

Fun Fraction Games

Creative Wednesdays Fractions are everywhere. Next time you see a sale price (such as 1/3 off), or tell the time (“It’s a quarter after 9”), use measuring cups in a recipe (such as 1/2 cup), or read a road sign (exit is 1/4 mile ahead), be sure to point out, “There’s another fraction!” Playing card […]

SipSnaps: Make Any Cup a Sippy Cup

Products Nannies Love SipSnaps is a simple, spill-proof, kid’s drinking lid that fits any cup, anytime, anywhere. SipSnap Tot turns even your most sophisticated tumbler into a sippy cup. The safe silicone topper can be stretched over any cup, no matter what material, no matter where you are. I love that they can be used […]

Fun with Clouds

Making a Condensation Chamber Children love to gaze at the changing shapes of clouds and watch them go by overhead. But, do the youngsters you care for know how clouds are formed? Teach them with these two super easy activities: You Will Need: Mirror Water Two clear plastic cups What to Do: 1. Have them […]

My Plate: Nutritional Portion Plates

Products Nannies Love Want to help teach kids how to eat proper portions of healthy food? Forget the confusing food pyramids of the past. Try using this easy visual aid promoted by the first lady of the United States. MyPlate for Kids Nutrition Plate helps nannies, parents, and children visualize what they should have on a plate […]

Foam Beehive: Bubble Science

Creative Wednesdays All children love bubbles. They will all love this bubble science experiment. When bubbles connect to one another, they create a shape with minimal surface area. If three bubbles unite, they arrange themselves into a 120 degree angle from one another to create a perfect hexagonal shape — exactly like a beehive. Bees […]