My Plate: Nutritional Portion Plates

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Want to help teach kids how to eat proper portions of healthy food? Forget the confusing food pyramids of the past. Try using this easy visual aid promoted by the first lady of the United States.

MyPlate for Kids Nutrition Plate helps nannies, parents, and children visualize what they should have on a plate for any meal.

MyPlate and other nutritional portion plates are made for practical everyday use at mealtimes to promote healthy eating habits and smart food choices. With sections labeled fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein on the plate with a reminder for dairy on the side, it’s like there are blinking digital signs reminding us of what we should strive to have at every meal.

You can purchase nutritional portion plates by clicking the links above and below:

Choose MyPlate for Kids Nutrition Plates

Nasco WA29164 MyPlate, All Ages

The Adult Portion Plate – Food

Fresh Baby Drink Up MyPlate Dinnerware (3 Pack), Multicolor

Meal Measure Portion Control Plate with Matching Red Travel Size VitaCarry 8 Compartment Pill Box (8.98 Value)

Fresh Baby Plate and So Easy Toddler Food Cookbook Value Pack, English

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