How to Use Blocks: Important Developmental Toys

Blocks, the book Block Play, and Jingle in My Pocket CD by Sharon MacDonald Sharon MacDonald, an early childhood development expert and author of Block Playexplains that blocks are a developmental toy that are a favorite for children from infancy through grammar school. In her book, the author provides tons of activities to use with children to encourage […]

50 Years of Clifford the Big Red Dog

Norman Bridwell’s Clifford Collection I love going to the library with the two-year-old in my care each week. She loves the library. But I was thrilled when she announced that she wanted to borrow Clifford books on our way to the library this week. Lucky for us, it also just happens to be Clifford’s the […]

5 Pointers to Turn Your Nanny Job into a Lucrative Business

Finding Your NicheBy Karen Smith Being a nanny means different things for different people. Some nannies are simply trying to get by until they are able to finish school or pursue their desired careers, while others know that caring for children is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Regardless of […]

What Do Parents See When They Google Your Name?

What are the Most Inappropriate Things for Nannies and Au Pairs to Post Online?  Earlier this week we shared stories of four nannies that were fired from their jobs from what they posted on Facebook and for spending too much on Facebook during work hours. But, you shouldn’t just be careful about what you post on […]

4 Nannies Fired for What They Posted on Facebook

What Not to Post on Facebook I sent out an email randomly to many subscribers of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking if anyone had ever regretted something they had posted on Facebook. I asked our readers if they got in trouble at work or fired for something they posted on the social media site. […]

How to Tell Your Employers About National Nanny Recognition Week Without Sounding Self-Serving

Practically Perfect Podcast by Lora Brawley and Sue Downey It is National Nanny Recogntion Week (NNRW). NNRW is September 22 to 29, 2012. and is a great time for parents to appreciate the important work their nannies do. But, a lot of employers don’t know about it. This podcast by Lora Brawley of and Sue Downey […]

No More Sorting of Whites and Colors: SHOUT Color Catcher

Products Nannies Love Over the past 19-years working as a nanny I have always done the children’s laundry and many nannies wash the entire family’s laundry. The very first thing I learned about doing laundry is to sort the white clothes from dark clothes or clothes with bright colors. My grandmother told my mother, my […]

"Yawn" by Sally Symes and Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Weekly Trip to the Library This week my charge and I picked up a copy of Yawn by Sally Symes and illustrated by Nick Sharratt at the local library. It’s already one of her favorite books. We started reading it at nap time and now she’s reading it herself to her baby dolls. The book […]

Poor Communication is Bad for Your Job and Health

Learn to Be More Assertive From The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook by David S. Sobel and Robert Ornstein  In The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook, David S. Sobel and Robert Ornstein write that evidence suggests that communicating effectively enhances our health and self-esteem, nurtures our relationships, and helps us cope with stress. Healthy communication is the […]

Dangers in Feeding a Baby Rice Cereal: Avoid Rice Grown in the Gulf Coast

How to Reduce Arsenic in Your DietYesterday we learned that the rice grown from Texas and Louisiana and along the Gulf coast where fields were used to grow cotton a century ago have the highest level of arsenic because when there was cotton there they had to treat the cotton with arsenic pesticides to control […]