Ultra Dash

Games Nannies Love This is one of the best gifts I ever gave to my Nanny Kids. I create different obstacle courses indoors and outside for my Nanny Kids. No two games are ever completely the same. Ultra Dash is a test of speed, agility, and reaction. As the kids get older I make the […]

How to Use Blocks: Important Developmental Toys

Blocks, the book Block Play, and Jingle in My Pocket CD by Sharon MacDonald Sharon MacDonald, an early childhood development expert and author of Block Playexplains that blocks are a developmental toy that are a favorite for children from infancy through grammar school. In her book, the author provides tons of activities to use with children to encourage […]

Top 10 Worst Toy List

On Wednesday we discussed what to buy the children you care for this holiday season. Click here to see our suggestions. In this month’s issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we recommend nannies and au pairs choose safe, age-appropriate gifts that encourage creative play rather than passive play for children. Instead of choosing electronic […]