My Travel Tray: Products Nannies Love

I like a tidy car and stroller. I also don’t like when kids watch screens in cars. That’s why I love the My Travel Tray. It keeps the children’s snacks, crayons, and toys neatly in the car or stroller without relying on a screen to occupy them. Strollers, booster seats, and car seats have cup […]

On-the-Go Game Pads

I highly recommend keeping these On-the-Go Game Pads and pencils in the backseat of the car and in your nanny bag for your Nanny Kids to use whenever traveling. Packed with classic activities these On-the-Go Game Pads are the battery-free, all-paper antidote to boredom! These On-The-Go Game Pads will literally keep siblings from bickering and […]

Plane Rides with Kids

Being Prepared While Flying with Kids Parents bring nannies on plane trips to make traveling easier.Nannies can help keep kids busy on the plane and act as an extra set of hands helping with the kids and carrying supplies. When buying plane tickets remember that it is easier to take nonstop flights when traveling with kids. Request […]

Niche Nannies: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Traveling Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist Donna Robinson I first heard about niche nannies when I met Donna Robinson who markets herself as The Traveling Nanny at an International Nanny Association conference. Donna is an expert in Newborn Care and was the first nanny I ever heard of marketing themself as a Travel Nanny.  When […]

Live-In Nanny Loves to Travel

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Live-In NannyAn Interview with Live-In Nanny Mariana GonzalesMariana Gonzales is a 19-year-old live-in nanny that moved from Los Alamos, New Mexico to Bethesda, Maryland who has loved becoming a working member of a family. Gonzales boasts about her favorite part of being a nanny is, “I personally love […]

No Batteries Required

Nannies and au pairs don’t need to rely on electronics to entertain children when traveling. Here are some fun and easy games to play with children while traveling, no batteries required. A is for…Starting at the beginning of the alphabet, each player tries to spot and name three things beginning with each letter, in order. […]

Nanny and Au Pair Traveling Checklist

Yesterday we started discussing working while traveling with your employers’ family. In the June 2007 issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we asked nannies and au pairs what they like to bring when traveling with their employers’ family. Below is the list. Checklist for Traveling: 1. Plenty of ZipLoc bags. 2. Proper legal documents. […]

Working While on Vacation

Nannies and Au Pairs Traveling with their Employers’ Family In the July 2009 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we discussed traveling on summer vacation with your employers’ family. One perk of being a nanny or au pair can be traveling with your employers’ family. Traveling while working can be an opportunity to see new place […]