Plane Rides with Kids

Being Prepared While Flying with Kids

Parents bring nannies on plane trips to make traveling easier.Nannies can help keep kids busy on the plane and act as an extra set of hands helping with the kids and carrying supplies.

When buying plane tickets remember that it is easier to take nonstop flights when traveling with kids. Request a window seat so children can enjoy the view. When traveling overseas it’s easier to travel through the night since the children can sleep on the plane during their normal sleep schedule.

Let children carry their own back packs to allow them to feel special with their favorite toys and plenty of crafts to keep them busy. (See complete check list below). Always bring water and health snacks to help prevent dehydration.

Before boarding the flight let children walk in the airport for exercise. Always take the children to the bathroom before take off and landing.

Taking off and landing are the most difficult times of a flight. If a child has even the slightest congestion their ears may pop and hurt during the flight. Ask their pediatrician what medication you an give a child before boarding. Bring sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, and snacks during take off and landing to alleviate pressure on ears.

Rotate children so they can take turns sitting next to their mother and nanny and looking out the window.

Here is our list of what to bring on the plane when traveling with kids:

1. Proper legal documents, identification, and tickets.
2. Backpack (easier to carry than a diaper bag). Kids should carry their own light backpack too.
3. Emergency phone numbers and phone numbers of hotels.
4. Cell phones.
5. Photos of kids in case you get separated.
6. Baby wipes or travel wipes.
7. Travel potty seats, if needed.
8. Pack a change of clothes to bring in carry-on bag.
9. Car seats.
10. Medicines and vitamins.
11. Bag of toys and crafts. Kids should carry their own backpack.
12. Favorite stuffed animal or blankie.
13. Crayons and coloring books.
14. IPod or MP3 player.
15. Books.
16. Portable DVD player or IPad to watch favorite movies with earphones.
17. Healthy snacks, water, juice boxes, and baby food.
18. Bottles, pacifiers, rattles, soft baby toys, and baby mirrors.
19. Umbrella stroller (easier to transport and carry than big cumbersome strollers).

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