Statue of Liberty Paper Plate Mask

bbbPaper Plate Craft for 4th of July

After working as a nanny for 21-years and making every red, white, and blue craft and food under the sun I needed to find a new patriotic craft I haven’t made before with the kids for the Fourth of July. I found an inexpensive paper plate craft book called Paper Plate People by Bee Gee Hazell for the kids. The kids enjoyed coloring the paper and gluing the template pieces to the plate themselves.

You Will Need:

Templates for craft from online or craft book
Paper plates
White or green colored paper
Green and gray crayons, markers, or paint
Large flat wooden stick can find at craft stores

What to Do:aaa

1. Hold the paper plate up to the child’s face to estimate where their eyes fall on the plate. Cut out two holes for eyes so the child can see when using the mask after the craft is completed.
2. Trace the templates onto white paper (or use colored paper) and let the kids help cut out the pieces. You can also scan the templates into the computer and print them out to eliminate having to trace the templates.
3. Allow the kids to color or paint the template pieces.
4. Following the instructions in the book allow the children to glue the template pieces to the paper plate. Using white glue with a paint brush or rubber cement with a brush makes application of the glue easier for little kids.
5. Once dry, tape a large, flat, wooden stick to the back of the paper plate so the child can hold the mask up to her face to pretend to be the Statue of Liberty.

You can purchase the paper plate books by clicking link below:

Little Kid Paper Plate Crafts: The Definitive Guide to Creating Great Paper Plate Projects for Kids 2 and Up

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