Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls: Helpful or Hype?

aaaDo You Use Silly Names for Private Parts with Kids?

Most baby dolls are infamous for their gender vagueness. But, now there are a slew or anatomically correct genitalia baby dolls on the market. Some parents and caregivers find these baby dolls offensive or sexualized. Others don’t see any problem in teaching kids about all of their body parts.

Many people like using funny or silly names when discussing private parts with children. But most child psychologists suggest that by age 3 we should start using correct body part words with children such as penis instead of pee-pee. We don’t do that with other body parts so there is no reason to be afraid of teaching children the correct names of body parts everyone has.

Some experts are concerned that adult embarrassment of using the proper terms of body parts actually contributes to body shame at such an early age.
Would you feel comfortable using anatomically correct baby dolls with kids?

You can purchase your own baby doll by clicking the links below:

You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll

You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll – Boys – Blue and White

Miniland 8.25” Anatomically Correct Newborn Baby Doll, Caucasian Boy

La Newborn Boutique – Realistic 14″ Anatomically Correct Real Boy Baby Doll – All Vinyl “First Yawn” Designed by Berenguer – Made in Spain


  1. As far as psychologists recommending using anatomically correct names for private areas by the age of three, I would recommend starting sooner. I took a few child abuse classes as a requirement for daycare workers, and one of the things they stressed was using correct names. This is because one of the ways child abusers use to get to little ones is by “teaching them” about their body parts. Also, if a child IS abused (and I pray that never is the case), the abuser cannot be prosecuted if the child doesn’t use the correct word when explaining what happened. One co-worker’s husband touched their daughter inappropriately, but he couldn’t be charged because the child said that “Daddy petted my kitty.”

    I don’t say this to scare or sway anyone, but it should be made known out there. I told myself I’d never have my children call them the correct names until they were of age, but then I heard that. I don’t know how I’d feel about an anatomically correct baby doll, but it certainly would make talking about that with the children easier and make it less likely for an abuser to be able to reach them that way.

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