Summer Reading Reward Coupons

Good Behavior Reward Coupons Summer is here and the perfect time to create a reading program for your charges. You should create a specific reading chart and a reward system to encourage each individual child to enjoy reading while off from school. I simply googled reading charts online to find a reading chart each of […]

I am a Nanny, Not a Marriage Counselor

Parents: Don’t Complain About Your Spouse to Household Staff There is nothing more uncomfortable for a nanny then to hear a parent employer complain to them about their significant other. All marriages have ups and downs. All couples argue and annoy one another once in awhile. And even when parents don’t openly air their grievances […]

Silhouette Father’s Day Card and Poem

Father’s Day Card Make this Silhouette Father’s Day Card with your Nanny Kids to give to your Dad Boss. This card works for both girls and boys and can be made in any color combination that makes a good contrast. We used the poem found at but you can add an extra message of love […]

My Daddy Rocks

Father’s Day Gift Nannies don’t have to spend a dime of their own money to give a gift to their Dad Bosses for Father’s Day. Making gifts with the kids to give to their father is a nice gesture for nannies to give to their Dad Boss. Just use supplies your employers have at their […]

Be Humble and Stop Bashing Your Employers

Keeping a Humility Checklist Your attitude directly affects your job performance. Although you can’t be expected to enjoy all of your job duties, when you find yourself complaining to yourself or others about your job, it’s good to remember it is better to be employed than not. Whenever you find yourself complaining or resentful about your […]