Summer Reading Reward Coupons

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Summer is here and the perfect time to create a reading program for your charges. You should create a specific reading chart and a reward system to encourage each individual child to enjoy reading while off from school.

I simply googled reading charts online to find a reading chart each of my charges would like. The six-year-old little girl I care for chose a rainbow reading chart while the older brothers prefer a basic, no frills chart to use to list the books they read. The six-year-old child lists the title and number of pages she reads daily. The older siblings are required to list the main characters and brief summary of the book as well.

I found some cute kid reward coupons on and copied and pastedBest Nanny Newsletter Rewards1.jpeg them into word processing and then replaced the rewards and clip art with rewards and images that my charge would love.

The child’s school and local library provide recommended summer reading lists. But if you find a collection of books not on the list that spark a child’s interest allow them to read those books. The key is to get them enjoy reading. What they enjoy reading is less important than that they love reading.

The key to making the perfect summer reading program for your charges is to remember that each child is at a different reading level and will respond to different rewards. The goal is to find the perfect books with topics that are interesting to the individual child and to make sure it is not too hard so that it won’t frustrate the child. Choosing perfect books, along with the perfect rewards, makes happy readers for the summer.

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