Pee-Kaboo Potty Training Stickers

Helpful or Hype? The pee‑kaboo reusable potty training sticker is a unique and fun way to potty train a child and helps overcome the ultimate potty training obstacle-actually getting the child to want to use the potty again and again. Simply place the sticker in the base of a flat-bottomed portable potty seat and watch […]

Avocado Fritters

Cooking for Kids The kids I care for love crunchy foods for snacking. Nachos and pretzels become boring after awhile. So I tried these Avocado Fritters. They are crunchy on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside. I dipped them in Panko bread crumbs twice to make them nice and crunchy. They make a great […]


Heart Animal Valentine’s Cards

Creative Wednesdays Kids love making and receiving Valentine’s cards for Valentine’s Day on February 14. Make plenty of Valentine’s Day cards for family, classmates, and friends. We traced different sized heart-shaped cookie cutters on holiday colored construction paper to make these animal Valentine’s cards. Have the kids use their imaginations to use the different sized hearts to create animals. […]

Symmetry Valentine’s Heart

Creative Projects Symmetry can be used to make Valentine’s Cards at an early age with this very simple art project. Explain to the little ones that if you cut something in half and both sides look exactly the same, they are symmetrical. Allow the children to experiment using different sized drops of paint and spaces […]

The Importance of Being On Time for Nannies and Parents

Respecting Professional Boundaries To maintain a good working relationship both nannies and parents need to be on time. With an occasional emergency, hurricane or snow storm, or train delay as an exception, parents cannot get to work on time if their nanny arrives to work late, and nannies resent when parents don’t call them to […]