Heart Animal Valentine’s Cards

Be the Best Nanny Valentine's CardsCreative Wednesdays

Kids love making and receiving Valentine’s cards for Valentine’s Day on February 14. Make plenty of Valentine’s Day cards for family, classmates, and friends.

We traced different sized heart-shaped cookie cutters on holiday colored construction paper to make these animal Valentine’s cards. Have the kids use their imaginations to use the different sized hearts to create animals. Here is how we made a cat, panda bear, and butterfly.

You Will Need:Be the Best Nanny Valentines 2

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters
Pencils and Markers
Construction Paper
Safety Scissors
Paste or Glue Sticks
Googly EyesBe the Best Nanny Valentines 1

What to Do:

1. Trace the different sized heart-shaped cookie cutters onto construction paper, then cut out the hearts.
2. Arrange the hearts to create animals and paste the hearts together.
3. Paste on googly eyes.Be the Best Nanny Valentines 3
4. Use a marker to create features such as a mouth and whiskers on the cards.
5. Write a holiday phrase on back of cards. For example, we wrote, “You are the purr-fect Valentine,” for the cat and “Have a beary Happy Valentine’s Day” on the back of the panda.


Photos and cards by Stephanie Felzenberg and her charge.

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