The Perfect Stranger by Lucy Kaylin

Weekly Trip to the Library I have never read a book in which I had so many “Aha” moments as I did when reading The Perfect Stranger: The Truth About Mothers and Nannies by Lucy Kaylin. The author who is the Editor in Chief of O, the Oprah Magazine, was an executive editor for Marie Claire, […]

Patriotic Yogurt Parfait

thewordaccordingtoeggface Cooking with Kids It’s not hard to find healthy red, white, and blue treats for the kids to eat this Labor Day Weekend. For this snack we used fresh strawberries and blueberries and plain Greek yogurt. If the kids you care for don’t like plain yogurt simply use vanilla yogurt instead. You Will Need: Fresh […]

How Well Do You Communicate With Your Boss?

How to Communicate Effectively With Your Employers Nannies must communicate to be understood. Effective communication with employers is essential so that nannies can avoid misunderstandings and develop trust. Nannies develop trust with parents when they listen to parental concerns, when they speak assertively, and when they keep sensitive and personal issues confidential. When individuals express […]

Fun With Chalk Series (Part 3)

Wednesdays with Whitney Nothing means summer more than baseball. Finish off the summer strong by putting that sidewalk chalk to yet another use before the summer ends! Baseball Having problems teaching the kids the logistics of baseball without bases? Use chalk to remedy the problem. 1. Start by drawing each base. Make home plate look […]

What to Say When a Child Says, “But Mom Said I Could!”

Nanny Confessions: Don’t Let the Kids Manipulate You I confess that it annoys me to no end how manipulative kids can be to get what they want. If parents and nannies disagree on child-rearing, kids will easily find a wedge and take advantage of it. In his book How to Say It to Your Kids […]

What to Say to Kids About God and Religion

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents A benefit of hiring nannies that practice different religions is the opportunity to teach kids about diversity and that people of different religions typically share similar values and morals. Both families and nannies benefit from learning about different cultures, languages, and religions. Sharing simple recipes, customs, and traditions […]

Ballerina Swan and Giraffes Can’t Dance

Weekly Trip to the Library Review by Cindy Wilkinson Whether you are a swan eager to fit in with a class of budding ballerinas or a giraffe yearning to join in the Jungle Dance with his animal friends, dancing is for everyone! Each of these books shares an important message to it’s young readers: we […]

Tricycle Obstacle Course

Going under a bridge End of Summer Fun for Nannies and Kids Tricycles help preschoolers develop coordination skills and are great exercise. Making a tricycle obstacle course is not only fun for preschoolers but let older kids help make the tricycle obstacle course. The course can be simple, or more complex, it’s up to you. […]

What is the Hardest Topics to Discuss with the Parents?

How to Talk to Parents About Difficult Topics Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked 757 in-home child care providers what were the most difficult topics to discuss with their employers. Survey participants answered that discussing a raise is the hardest topic to discuss with parents and the safety of the kids is the easiest topic […]

Fun With Chalk Series (Part 2)

Wednesdays with Whitney The kids are beginning to get bored with sidewalk chalk now that summer is nearing an end. Spice it up with this second installation of the Fun with Chalk Series. Race Car Track Why draw a smiley face or a beach scene when you can be drawing the race track of every […]