Many Nannies Show Up for Work, Even When Scared of Being Infected During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I need an income. What are people not understanding about that? In late March into early April, 2020, How to Be the Best Nanny Blog asked 256 nannies about their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. We learned there is a lot of fear and confusion for many nannies experiencing shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders during the […]

Survey to Increase Nanny and Family Satisfaction

A doctorate student in child psychology working on her dissertation is working on developing a measure that will help to better match nannies and families, and increase satisfaction for both the nanny and the family. The survey is anonymous. People who complete the survey can chose to enter a phone number or email to enter a drawing for three visa […]

Do You Know What the Parents Greatest Wishes are for Their Kids?

Parents Strive for Their Kids to be Happy Perhaps the first question any nanny job seeker should ask a parent in a job interview is if they could wish for one thing for their children what would it be? Once nannies know what the parents desire for their children, they can try to make those goals happen […]

What is the Hardest Topics to Discuss with the Parents?

How to Talk to Parents About Difficult Topics Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked 757 in-home child care providers what were the most difficult topics to discuss with their employers. Survey participants answered that discussing a raise is the hardest topic to discuss with parents and the safety of the kids is the easiest topic […]

What is the Hardest Topic to Discuss with Kids?

When I first became a nanny I thought the most difficult question a child could ask me was “Where do babies come from?” But, after working as a nanny for 20-years I realize that telling the kids about the birds and the bees is one of the easier topics to discuss with the children left […]