What is the Hardest Topic to Discuss with Kids?

When I first became a nanny I thought the most difficult question a child could ask me was “Where do babies come from?” But, after working as a nanny for 20-years I realize that telling the kids about the birds and the bees is one of the easier topics to discuss with the children left in my care. Before I even start a new nanny job I always ask the parents how they would like me to answer the question if their children ask me how babies are made. I respect their decision.

We asked 775 nannies what is the most difficult topic to discuss with children. Only 18-percent of the caregivers that participated in our survey answered it is very difficult to discuss where babies come from with children.

Of those who participated in the poll 96-percent answered the easiest topic to discuss with kids is manners and the most difficult topics to discuss with their charges is gay couples and families, followed by God and religion.

In the chart above we list the most common results from nannies that took our survey. But, survey participants included other topics as well.

For example, Beth, a nanny in Los Angeles, CA explained, “I do my best to be a good representative of the parents and their family values. One subject I had difficulty discussing was suicide. I tried to change the subject and then called the children’s parents to give them a heads-up so they could have further discussions with the kids.”

Debra, a nanny in Milwaukee, WI answered, “We are having issues with the eight-year-old boy I watch having night terrors.”

Katherine, a nanny from Munich, Germany said, “Once I had to explain some abortion protesters to some upset kids who had just seen signs about decapitated babies.”

What has been the most difficult topic for you to discuss with the kids in your care?


  1. Interesting results to the survey.

  2. coffeeandspitup says:

    Death by far has been the hardest topic I’ve had to discuss.

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