“I Love You This Much” Hand Card

Mother’s Day Project For years I’ve been making this card with kids. With Mother’s Days approaching next week, it is an easy card to make with the children for their mother. Of course you can make this card for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion too. It couldn’t be cuter and easier to make. […]

WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday Crying is the powerful form and only means of communication for babies. Babies cry for the same reason as adult talk — to communicate. Nannies and parents spend much of their time trying to figure out how to calm crying babies. That’s why I love the book Calm the Crying: The Secret […]

Learn About Birds and Make a Bird Feeder

Weekly Trip to the Library It’s Spring and the kids I care for are waking to the friendly chirps of birds migrating back to their neighborhood again. I am having so much fun with the five-year-old pointing out red robins, cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, and even woodpeckers during our local travels because we are learning […]

Build-Your-Own Shish Kabobs

Cooking With Kids Let kids help make meals. They will feel a sense of pride and are less likely to be finicky if they help prepare and choose the foods they eat. Provide them with healthy protein and vegetables choices and let them build their own shish kabobs for dinner. You Will Need: 1 Pound […]

Recycled Rocking Robin Craft

Earth Day Project My youngest charge and I enjoy attending an environmental program for children at a local garden. Following a lesson about birds one day we made this rocking robin craft. Made out of old cardboard cereal boxes, these delightful birds rock back and forth when tapped. The robins look so cute. Be sure […]

Teaching Kids to be Green

Make Earth Day Everyday Tomorrow is Earth Day. Great power lies in the hands of nannies and au pairs that consistently teach children to reduce, reuse, and recycle. To teach children to respect the environment, we must live green and value our natural world, especially when our charges look up to us. If we truly […]

The Babykeeper Over the Door Harness: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday What nanny hasn’t struggled using a public bathroom while caring for a baby? You can’t leave a little child alone while using the restroom so you have to fumble to bring the baby in an umbrella stroller into the stall with you. But there is a product to use to help keep […]

Coconut Date Balls

Cooking for Kids I decided to try to sneak as much unprocessed foods as I could into the kids diets lately. These little treats were a complete success! The key to making these treats palatable to the youngsters was to use a food processor to chop the nuts and dates as fine as possible. My […]

What’s the Big Deal with Jaden Smith Wearing a Dress and Social Media?

Don’t Overact to Gender Cross-Over Play and Dress It’s insane that newsworthy information such as the Iran nuclear talks don’t trend for more than a few hours on social media but when Jaden Smith wears a dress it is a top trending discussion for three days (and counting). Nannies, au pairs, and parents should not overact […]

The Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Holder: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday Master the multi-task with the The Beebo Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder. The beebo holder conveniently holds a baby bottle in a consistent, stable feeding position at times when you don’t feel like you have enough hands. It is ergonomically designed with no buckles, clips, or straps to simply place over your shoulder and […]