Cooking With Kids I spend most of my work days making sure the kids eat nutritious snacks and meals. But sometimes kids just need a sweet treat to nibble on. Snickerdoodles are a perfectly simple, light, and crunchy cookie. Kids love baking snickerdoodles so let them gather the ingredients, mix the dough, and roll the dough […]

Fingerprint Flowers

Creative Wednesdays It’s officially Spring and the first flowers are starting to sprout in my neck of the woods. In preparation for Mothers Day, or just as a Springtime craft, make these cute hand and fingerprint flowers with the kids. We used washable paint to make our plants, but you can also use washable ink pads. […]

Looster Potty Training Stepstool

Products Nannies Love I hate having to clean out little portable potties that are often used during potty training. I know they are low to the ground so kids can easily sit on them. But, in the typical world, toilets are adult-sized. I really prefer potty-training children on regular, adult-sized toilets because I just find […]

Easter Bunny Bread

Cooking With Kids With Easter coming up I wanted to make a special treat for my nanny kids for their Spring holiday. I adapted a recipe from Taste of Home to make this bunny bread. I made one large bunny bread for the entire family instead of several little bunnies for each child. The kids liked sprinkling […]

Rubber Band Easter Eggs

Creative Wednesdays Kids don’t have to be Christian to decorate eggs, but decorating eggs is a common Easter activity. Most egg dyes stain, so have the kids wear aprons and protect the work surface and the floor where you will be dying the eggs. Before dying eggs simply hard boil them and let them cool at […]