Looster Potty Training Stepstool

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I hate having to clean out little portable potties that are often used during potty training. I know they are low to the ground so kids can easily sit on them. But, in the typical world, toilets are adult-sized. I really prefer potty-training children on regular, adult-sized toilets because I just find it a lot easier not having to clean up after a child that has used a portable potty that is left on the floor.

Of course little kids need help reaching a regular-sized potty. They need a step stool. My favorite step stool to use for potty training is the Summer Infant Little Looster, Potty Training Stepstool because it is shaped to fit around the base of a regular potty and children’s feet can still be on the step stool for support while using the toilet. The unique design fits discreetly around toilet base and allows adults to still use the toilet without obstruction. The raised letter detail prevents slipping and the molded plastic construction is easy to clean. And, the step stool itself is foldable and portable to fit in a bag when you are running errands or traveling.

To buy your own Summer Infant Little Looster, Potty Training Stepstool simply click any of the links above or below:

Summer Infant Little Looster, Potty Training Stepstool

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