Fingerprint Flowers

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It’s officially Spring and the first flowers are starting to sprout in my neck of the woods. In preparation for Mothers Day, or just as a Springtime craft, make these cute hand and fingerprint flowers with the kids. We used washable paint to make our plants, but you can also use washable ink pads. Be sure to protect the work surface and have wet wipes and paper towels ready with garbage can next to craft table for easy clean up.

You Will Need:

Construction Paper (two different colors)
Washable Paint (green, yellow and five pretty floral colors)
Paint Brushes
Glue Stick
Wet Wipes and Paper Towels

What to Do:bbb

1. Paint the child’s hand with green paint and help them press their hand firmly to the middle of construction paper keeping the fingers separated to resemble stems. Clean their hand with soap and water and dry their hand.

2. To make petals for the flowers paint the child’s finger with a pretty color and make a circle on the top of one green stem of colored fingerprint petals. Clean the child’s fingers and repeat with a different color on the top of each finger stem.

3. Once all the flowers are complete and the child is cleaned up the nanny can dip a paintbrush in yellow paint and dollop a yellow circle to middle off petals on  each finger.

4. Once the paint is dry the kids can paste a flower pot cut out of construction paper to bottom of hand print.

Project and photos by Heather Marinkovich

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