Recycled Rocking Robin Craft

aaaEarth Day Project

My youngest charge and I enjoy attending an environmental program for children at a local garden. Following a lesson about birds one day we made this rocking robin craft. Made out of old cardboard cereal boxes, these delightful birds rock back and forth when tapped. The robins look so cute. Be sure to use recycled products so you can discuss reusing products for Earth Day.

You Will Need:bbb.jpeg

Old Cereal Box
Orange Card or Paper (beak)
Black Card Paper (wings)
Strips of Old Recycled Card, Paper, or Magazine Pages (for the tail)
Red Crayon
Piece of Yarn (for the worm)ccc
Round Plate or Glass (for template)

What to Do:

1. Turn the recycled cereal box inside out and draw a circle by tracing a plate (if you want to make the bird smaller, use a glass to draw round).

2. Cut out the cardboard circle. Let kids color in part of the brown body with the red crayon to make a red breast on the red robin. Fold circle in half.

3. Cut an circle out of the black paper. Fold the circle in half and glue over the brown circle that is the body of the bird.

4. Cut a triangle out of the orange paper. Glue the orange triangle into one corner crease of body circle to create a beak.

5. Glue or tape the strips of recycled cards or black paper for the tail.

6. Once the beak is dry glue piece of yarn into the beak of the bird to look like a worm.

Project by Van Vleck House and Gardens 
Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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