The Babykeeper Over the Door Harness: Helpful or Hype?

bbbProduct Review Sunday

What nanny hasn’t struggled using a public bathroom while caring for a baby? You can’t leave a little child alone while using the restroom so you have to fumble to bring the baby in an umbrella stroller into the stall with you. But there is a product to use to help keep a baby or toddler with you while in a public restroom, locker room, or dressing room.

The Babykeeper is an infant carrier style seat that hands from the stall wall in most public restrooms and can also be used in public fitting rooms and locker rooms.ccc

It’s made for babies six to 18-months-old who can keep their heads up. The Babykeeper also has a hip carrier to make carrying a child easily when out and about. The Babykeeper Hip Carrier also provides you with a safer and more reliable means of restraining a child in a shopping cart. The Babykeeper has a harness, you are making it practically impossible for the little one to climb out of their seat, thus preventing a fall.

You can purchase your own Babykeeper Hip Carrier by clicking a link above or below:

The Babykeeper

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