Fork Painted Tulips

Creative Wednesdays Spring is in the air and so are Spring flowers. There are 150 species of tulips with over 3000 varieties. Tulips are perennials, (lives for more than two years), and usually bloom for only three to seven days. We made some tulips with plastic forks and paint. Here’s what to do: What You Need: […]

How Do Seeds Grow?

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs It’s Spring and a great time to teach kids about how plants grow. We suggest reading How a Seed Grows by Helene J. Jordan. Then, do a simple project of planting a bean so your charges can watch a seed germinate. How a Seed Grows […]

Bark Rubbings

Besides being fun children will learn to identify and describe patterns in bark that allow identification of different trees by doing bark rubbings. You Will Need:CrayonsPaperA few different types of trees Directions:1. Give the child a sheet of paper.2. Give the child a crayon and have the child peel the paper off the crayon they […]

More Springtime Activities

Simple Seed Sort In this easy activitiy children will examine seeds for similarities and differences. You Will Need: A variety of seeds Large pieces of paper Markers What to Do: Give children a large number of seeds and ask them to separate paper into two sections or draw two circles on a piece of paper. […]

Easy Springtime Science Experiments

In What Direction Do Seeds Grow?   It doesn’t take much to actively engage children in fun springtime learning activities. Here is an easy science experiment to do with the children in their home.     You Will Need:BeansTwo wide-mouth jars or clear containersA piece of blotting paper long enough to line the inside of […]

Everything for Spring!

Weekly Trip to the LibraryBook Review of Everything for Spring: A Complete Activity Book for Teachers of Young Children: Activities for March, April, and May by Kathy Charner (Editor), Joan Waites (Illustrator) Today is the first day of Spring! Did you know that flowers, birds, and rain teach math, science, dramatic play, and language skills? […]

Children’s Books About Spring

Weekly Trip to the Library The Tiny Seed By Eric Carle Publisher Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Ages infant to preschool A very popular book with the description of a flowering plant’s life cycle through the seasons. It’s Spring By Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko Publisher Scholastic, Inc. For ages 4 to 8 The robin […]