Everything for Spring!

Weekly Trip to the Library

Book Review of Everything for Spring: A Complete Activity Book for Teachers of Young Children: Activities for March, April, and May by Kathy Charner (Editor), Joan Waites (Illustrator)

Today is the first day of Spring! Did you know that flowers, birds, and rain teach math, science, dramatic play, and language skills? Everything for Spring by Kathy Charner provides nannies with the tools to provide fun learning activities for young children this Spring. And parents love when their caregivers make an extra effort to actively involve their children in learning activities that encourage their curiosity, learning, and high self-esteem.

Everything for Spring by Kathy Charner arranges the Spring activities by month and age level. Spring activities include musical beanbags, jumping on air, building a car, making kites, hats, gelatin rainbows, cards, greenhouses, and even mud painting. There are finger plays, poems, songs, games, art, dramatic play, language, math, music and movement, cooking, and more.

We highly recommend borrowing this book from the library (or purchasing it above) to use with young children this Spring. There are three books in the series: Everything for Winter: An Early Childhood Curriculum Activity Book and Everything for Fall: An Early Childhood Curriculum Activity Book to use year round.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with children in the Spring?


  1. Other than going to the playground I really love strawberry picking in the Spring. Go strawberry picking at a strawberry farm. It is super easy to make strawberry jam. That's the best, kids love it. They will remember it always!Virginia Contee Westerville, OH

  2. feeding the ducks

  3. The family I work for has allowed me to plant a vegetable garden with the children on their patio. They absolutely loved it last year. The planting is messy but so much fun. They loved the schedule of watering their plants each day and enjoyed harvesting tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots even more. The onions weren't their favortie but sure make pretty blooms. If the parents allow you to make a small vegetable garden with the kdis I highly recommend it. They wanted to eat the sweet lettuce and cherry tomatoes every day! ometimes sneaking them fresh picked directly into their mouths before washing them!!REally easy to do and great way to teach science, good nutrition, and enjoy spring and summer with kids!– Daisy, Brooklyn NY

  4. Petting zoos and kite flying are my favorites. Love Easter egg hunting too.

  5. I don't think the parents care at all if I do learning activities with the children. For those nannies paid well that's great. I won't be having fun doing these activities. I will be doing laundry and cleaning house and not appreciated.

  6. Always a fuddy duddy in the group (see above). Well if the parents don't appreciated your doing learning activities why can't you have fun doing them? Still can make it a great day for you and the child. I guess you might be in the wrong career.

  7. I like taking walks around the park pushing the baby while she sleeps.Manuela Veldez Rancho Sante Fe CA

  8. Side walk chalk, bubbles, the park, and the zoo. My 18 month old girls love to collect sticks, leaves and rocks.

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