More Springtime Activities

Simple Seed Sort

In this easy activitiy children will examine seeds for similarities and differences.

You Will Need:
A variety of seeds
Large pieces of paper

What to Do:

  • Give children a large number of seeds and ask them to separate paper into two sections or draw two circles on a piece of paper.
  • Ask them to organize the seeds into four distinctive groups (such as smooth and bumpy, long and round, fruits and vegetables, and so on). No seed can be left over.
  • Now draw another circle or section on the paper. Try organizing seeds into three distinctive groups.
  • Then try four distinctive groups.
  • Have children explain why they chose the categories.
  • As a challenge try grouping them even more specific groups.


  1. OMG when kids ysed to misbehave in a childcare center I worked in we would have them sort seeds. Ha ha.

  2. Really neat activities on this site, I like the learning aspect of the springtime experiments!

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