Do You Know What the Parents Greatest Wishes are for Their Kids?

Parents Strive for Their Kids to be Happy

Perhaps the first question any nanny job seeker should ask a parent in a job interview is if they could wish for one thing for their children what would it be?

Once nannies know what the parents desire for their children, they can try to make those goals happen for the kids left in their care.

For example, if the parents hope for their children to be great students than their nanny knows that helping the children be organized for school and tutoring is extremely important to the employers. If the parents greatest wish is that their kids be happy, the caregiver should try to be creative and fun, help the children develop joy in life, and use positive discipline rather than scolding or punishing the kids in their care.

In 2010, Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked 1,956 parents who employ nannies and au pairs their greatest wish for their children.

By far the most popular answer shared by our survey participants was that parents wish that their children are happy. Do you know what your employers greatest wish is for their kids?

Here are the results listed in the order of most popular to least important qualities for their children to have.

What Parents Want Most for their Kids:

48% A Child that Is Happy
19% Good Health
12% A Child that is Honest
8% A Child that is Responsible
5% A Child that is a Good Student
4% A Child That Has Good Manners
3% A Child That Doesn’t Give Up
1% A Child that Gets Along Well with Other Children


  1. English Nanny says:

    Brilliant question to ask parents!

  2. I find it ironic that parents say they want happy kids when it sure feels like the parents I work for care most about doing well in school, to be neat and clean, have good manners, obey them etc.

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