Fun With Chalk Series (Part 2)

Wednesdays with Whitney

The kids are beginning to get bored with sidewalk chalk now that summer is nearing an end. Spice it up with this second installation of the Fun with Chalk Series.

Race Car Track

Why draw a smiley face or a beach scene when you can be drawing the race track of every kid’s dreams?

1. Start at your house and make a winding, dizzy, twirly race track all the way down the driveway or sidewalk and back again. This will be the longest car race track they’ve ever seen!

2. Be sure to make the track wide enough for multiple cars – you never know when a neighbor kid might stop by for a friendly challenge.

3. On that note, be sure to include a pit area! Those tires need to be changed!

4. Finally, don’t forget the elements! Now that the cars are racing outside, they are subject to rain (sprinkler), wind (people blowing), and gravel (feel free to put obstacles like rocks and branches in their way).

Don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday for a fun project by Whitney Tang and to check out her new venture Nanny Magazine. Take her Nanny Magazine survey for nannies at

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