I am a Nanny, Not a Marriage Counselor

28d87-boundariesParents: Don’t Complain About Your Spouse to Household Staff

There is nothing more uncomfortable for a nanny then to hear a parent employer complain to them about their significant other.

All marriages have ups and downs. All couples argue and annoy one another once in awhile. And even when parents don’t openly air their grievances to their household employees, nannies have a front row seat to all the drama and already know when there is tension in their employer’s marriage.

Marriages and raising kids is hard enough with two partners who have different temperaments, parenting philosophies, and personalities. Adding the nanny’s perspective into the mix won’t resolve the parents marriage issues.

If spouses need to vent or get advice about one another, then they ought to do so with a marriage counselor.

A diplomatic response for nannies to give to their employer is, “I like both of you very much so I feel uncomfortable hearing anything bad about your wife (or husband, or girlfriend, or boyfriend).”

The best, professional nannies do their best to stay out of their employers personal relationships. So, parents should respect professional boundaries as well and keep their marriage relationship drama to themselves.

Nannies have enough on their plate trying to do their jobs and supporting their employers in raising their kids. Nannies shouldn’t be forced to hear about their employer’s marriage or family drama.

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